Declaration of an Alien Attack

The year is 2050. Life in outer space was detected 20 years ago. Aliens have made contact. No not like it was shown in Koi Mil Gaya but some other way. Scientists took a year to crack their code. The only thing that their code said was, “We are coming.” Everybody was stumped. What now? An alien attack seemed imminent. But this wasn’t something you or anyone else on earth was expecting. Panic and chaos were everywhere. People were rushing to hoard water. Grocery stores were as empty as the ruins of Harappa. In the midst of all these here are a few pointers to make sure you stay level-headed, prepared and above all, alive.

Emergency Bunker

Do you have a secret hideout? If not, now is the time to hunt for one! Aliens are going to be here any moment and if they turn out to be mean, well, you are going to need a place to hole up in. Make your bunker comfy with Wi-Fi and TV. Alien attack or not, you definitely don’t want to miss the latest episode of Game Of Thrones- Season 20.

emergency bunker during Alien Attack

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To-Go Pack

An emergency or to-go pack should always be handy. If you have your emergency bunker picked, then your to-go pack will help you get there. Things you will need:

  • Water
  • Dry food packets
  • A change of clothes
  • Two portable battery packs
  • Your iPod (with all your favorite movie and a few hundred podcast episodes)
  • Binoculars

Arm Yourself

You could interpret the message from the aliens in two ways, just an announcement before arrival or a warning. Regardless, it would be smart to arm yourself with a gun, taser or even a hockey stick. Things are bound to get chaotic and each man is on his own.

Get A Go-Pro

An alien attack is no small thing. It will change the course of history for mankind. Someone needs to have the presence of mind to document it as soon as it starts happening. Don’t get too close, though. You definitely don’t want to end up squashed under an alien ship with your expensive go-pro. Make sure to get a wide-angle shot of the alien ship landing.

go pro to record Alien Attack

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When all else fails, fall back on diplomacy. There might be a language barrier, but you should definitely be able to find some sympathizers amongst the aliens willing to translate it for you. Earn your place in the post-alien-invasion world by becoming a champion of peace. You are sure to earn the thanks of millions of humans and aliens.

If you survive, make sure you direct a documentary about it, using your go-pro footage. Future generations will marvel at whatever happens, or maybe they will be human-alien hybrids that discover the go-pro by mistake in some dry, hot desert.

Movie on Alien Attack

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