Whether this is your first job or you are changing jobs, when applying for posts, this always comes to your mind – Should I join a start up or pick up the job offer from an MNC.  Both workplaces have a unique, different structure and system of their own, and a decision can be made after knowing the pros and cons of both.


The work is pretty much cut out for you. Everything from the daily workload, the team members, the holidays, the hours, all of it is scheduled for you. You don’t need to worry too much about initiating things. You can almost always leave for home at the same time, follow a routine.


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There is a hierarchy. You start at the entry level or wherever you left your last job at, and work it up from there. The ride becomes slower the higher you go. Lots of politics can happen for the perks offered, but the perks often make life easier too. You need to have negotiation skills and be liked. Yo may almost never see your actual boss.

A corporate have streamlined process for payment and also aspects like mediclaim, PF, celebration of certain days within the organizations, having committees like sexual harassment committee and many other measures for employee welfare that a large company can afford.

Life in a startup

A much closely knit social structure with less hierarchy and politics. However, this also means larger and haphazard workload at times. There will be a lot of space for creativity and initiative, and your talent and hard-work will be much easily recognized and appreciated. Work will start to seem like a second family.


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Finances are often short in small companies and there may be pay cuts or entire projects may be taken off. Also, if your company is bought by a bigger fish, the whole policy may go for a toss. You may seem to be grappling at the straws to fit in. ­­

So, which is better?

The answer lies in what you are seeking. Are you seeking a stable pay check, a predictable workload and a set routine? Then maybe MNCs suit your choice. Are you looking to spice things up a bit, do more and learn more? Then you may want to go for a startup or a small/medium enterprise.

It is also about your need. For example, if you just got married or had a child, you may want something more streamlined like an MNC. If you feel some sort of emptiness in your life and would like to fill it with some initiative, then a startup would be better.


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In truth, to be a well-rounded professional, you may need experience of both types. While a bigger corporation teaches you to follow schedules and order, a smaller one teaches more team-building and last-minute management. Of course, both have their headaches too. A big corporation teaches you to manage hierarchy and get things done, while a small one is about having a boss in close circles and dealing with the constant gaze.

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