If your heart skips a beat it surely spells trouble, be it from a heart attack or because of a lovely person. Heart problems are catching up at a much younger age thanks to the sedentary lifestyle. There is very little activity a person does unless there is an active intervention in the form of physical exercise. Add to this lifestyle, the terrible eating habits and the creation of food delivery apps. There was never a point in time in history when getting unhealthy was so easy, except maybe if you were an Indian royal!

You probably hear too many stories of 35 yr olds suffering from heart attacks and how it can happen to anybody. Yes, heart disease can affect anyone nowadays irrespective of age and gender; it is no longer proven that women don’t fall prey to cardiovascular problems. It’s important that you start a healthy heart regime and it’s bound to keep you healthy.

Heart Checkup – Done

Firstly, it’s good to check up what you are against, heart disease also can manifest itself due to hereditary issues. A yearly checkup even with a general physician can determine how healthy you are. ECG, EEG and lipid profile are good indicators of heart health.

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Secondly – physical activity, there is literally no running away from it! Even 30 mins of exercise daily is enough to maintain a healthy body. It will also contribute to a healthy body weight as obesity is known to be a major trigger for heart disease.

Third – Eating clean is emphasized more than physical exercise as cholesterol is the cause of heart trouble. Avoiding fatty and oily food and cutting down on salt intake is the best way of managing heart health.

I love you – I don’t… Heartaches! 🙁

However, a very important aspect of taking care of heart lies in managing stress and heartache. Humans are invested a lot in relationships; it’s the emotional baggage that comes along which plays havoc with the body and mind. The pain from going through an emotional upheaval whether it is a breakup in a romantic relationship or the death of a loved one it can seem strangely physical, like it hurts. There is in fact the Broken-Heart syndrome where people suffer physical pain in the heart or chest area due to severe emotional stress.


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Not only the Broken-Heart syndrome but heartache can increase stress leading to weight gain or loss. Depression leads the brain to think that you are under threat and gets into a protective mode. Yes, heartbreak is a real issue and it is up to each person to step back and learn how to deal with it.

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A great way to remain insulated is to always have a support group in the form of friends or relatives, those who understand you and can be there in times of need. Usually a romantic relationship can consume a person so much that they tend to isolate from everyone, but it pays to remain close to those who care after all they will be the ones still left behind to nurse those wounds to your heart!

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