Airtel is crazily marketing its so called “open network” policy. First of all, as an end user how does anything change in my life if Airtel has network around me or not. What I am more interested in, is seamless connectivity. I do not wish to get into the nitty-gritty of how is it provided because it is not my lookout, afterall. I am paying my bills and the matter ends there.

In Bangalore and Chennai, Lalitha Jewellery ads stormed the movie screens few months ago. They were charging less making charges as compared to their competitors. The very caption “making charges” sends warning signals to my brain saying Beware! Now how does the situation change if I am told on my face that I will cheat you less as compared to the other jeweller? If the jewellers’ community is serious about customers then they should have made all the charges transparent.

Lalitha Jewellery

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Such marketing campaigns are an eye wash!

Talking about redundant benefits which get highlighted, how can I not talk about the android phones. Android phones offer so many features which are not even a point of contention while deciding on a phone. However these frivolous features are highlighted, marketed and glorified as tools to make the phone look superior as compared to others.

Don’t know what am I talking about? Buy an android phone and click on settings (which you will find after several loops) and see the several settings options available. Thereafter question yourself, “do I really need to decide on customizing so many features”? You will get the answer.

“Every product is made to serve a purpose at core. No product is going to have an impact on its customers if the core is weak.”

Marketing redundant, meaningless features and advantages will result in no incremental sales or profits to any company, instead it will cause financial loss because marketing comes at a cost!

Its time for change. Brands and corporations, open your eyes and ears!

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